Indiana Barn Wedding Venues

If you've been to a wedding in Indiana, chances are that it was held at a barn venue. These classic, traditional wedding venues are beautiful, practical, and easy to find! With as many great barns as there are in Indiana, I had to split this post up into two parts. This is part one and focuses on areas south of Indianapolis. In no particular order, here are five of the best barn wedding venues in southern Indiana.

3 Fat Labs Wedding Barn | Greencastle, Indiana

3 Fat Labs Wedding & Event Barn is a quick 45 minutes southwest of Indianapolis, just outside of Greencastle, IN. If you need as much luxury as possible packed into a barn venue, 3 Fat Labs is the place for you. With a beautiful, woodsy cabin for getting ready, and an unbelievable deck for a ceremony area, I can honestly say it really feels "in the woods" without sacrificing any amenities at all. This is also the most likely venue for you to have seen on social media, they hosted a "Harry Potter" themed wedding that went viral, and they've even been featured on Netflix's "Say I Do".

Barn at Timber Ridge | Morgantown, Indiana

The Barn at Timber Ridge in Morgantown is the perfect Brown County wedding venue. Just 20 minutes from downtown Nashville, the location almost can't be beat for a fall wedding in Indiana. If you haven't seen the leaves change color from one of Brown County State Park's overlooks, you are missing out on one of Indiana's best wonders. With getting ready suites on site and decor for days, the owners have thought of everything to make your day go smoothly. The Barn at Timber Ridge has the added bonus of being fully heated and cooled, so there is never any concern that weather might ruin or even partially inconvenience you on your special day. A kind of fun tidbit as well, I shot the very first wedding ever held at this venue, so it holds a special place in my heart!

Corner House B&B | Rockport, Indiana

The Corner House B&B and Event Venue is located right above the border between Indiana and Kentucky, just north of Owensboro, KY (whose riverfront area I highly recommend checking out if you're ever in the area) and about 15 minutes east of Evansville, IN (my hometown, woo!). As you might guess, this beautiful Amish built split barn also has a B&B on site, which is how the venue began operating originally. The walk up to the outdoor ceremony site is breathtaking as you crest a gentle hill overlooking the surrounding fields. By far one of my favorite venues with owners that clearly care.

Rustic Gatherings | Martinsville, Indiana

Rustic Gatherings Wedding Barn is a lovely venue situated in Morgan County near Martinsville, IN. Sitting on a working farm, it is a little more rustic than some of the other options in this list. The good news is that rustic is JUST what some couples are looking for on their perfect day, and this barn is still an absolutely beautiful venue. Plus where else can you walk past horses to a big tree swing on a hill for pictures?

Historic Henry Breeding Farm | Edinburgh, Indiana

Bartholomew County Historical Society runs the historic Henry Breeding Farm Wedding Barn outside of Edinburgh, IN, just north of Columbus. I love the historic feel to the house and barn sitting on this venue's grounds, and it is an added bonus to be contributing to the preservation of this great site when renting it. The extensive grounds make for many great spots for pictures, and the interior is unique for Indiana barns in its shape and decor.